Vega- 50- Slidenafil Citrate 50mg for treating the onset of erectile dysfunction and for mild condition. Also for recreational use to make the night extra special.

Vega-100 -the flagship product from the Vega stable. The sure fire way to tackle impotency & ED

Vega-DOL- combined with Tramadol, slidenifal citrate goes to work for typical sexual problems.

Vegah extra Tiger 120. Power packed with 120mg of slidenafil citrate it can handle the most severe problem of erectile dysfunction so that you can be the tiger for your mistress.

Vegah extra cobra 120. Slither up to her without a worry and perform with complete confidence with 120mg of fire power.

Vegah extra Jaguar 120- unleashes the wild power and go full throttle with 120mg slidenafil citrate at your command and conquer the territory like the king of the jungle.

Vega plus black 100- Between the sheets, the dark power of the black pill will bring sparks to her eyes.
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